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Pain management for aches and pains indicating your body is not working right

Aches and pains are signs that your body isn't working right.

Your body is telling you something! Those aches and pains can be more than sore muscles, they may also be a sign of many other things that can cause a lifetime of discomfort. You do not need to live with it any longer. With the specialized chiropractic care offered by Comprehensive Wellness Center, you can be on the fast track to feeling great! Convenient to residents of Suwanee and Lawrenceville, GA, our chiropractic treatments are customized to your specific problems, as no two bodies are exactly alike. Whether it is common back pain, locked spinal joints or other problems driven by the nervous system, applying the proper adjustment can restore your function and health - both body and mind!

  • ADHD
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Auto accidents
  • Back pain
  • Bedwetting
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Colic
  • Ear Infections
  • Headaches
  • Neck pain
  • Pinched nerves
  • PMS
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Slipped disc
  • Stress
  • Whiplash

Comprehensive Wellness Center has been helping patients with proven chiropractic techniques for over 24 years. Recognized by Gwinnett Magazine as best chiropractic center in Gwinnett County for 8 years in a row. You will receive precise and effective treatment for lasting relief. Our treatment plans are customized to your specific needs and your initial consultation is FREE. There is no reason to suffer any longer. Call us today at (770) 995-6789 to schedule your FREE consultation and discover how chiropractic care can help you regain the life you deserve - pain free and functioning beautifully!


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1. Are spinal adjustments safe?

Yes. A New Zealand government study found that adjustments are "remarkably safe." Chiropractic care enjoys an excellent track record. A thorough exam can identify the rare person for whom chiropractic care might be unsuited.

2. Will adjustments make my spine too loose?

No, actually the opposite is true. Only the spinal joints that are "locked up" receive adjustments. The occasional spinal joints that move too much is passed over so weakened muscles and ligaments can stabilize and heal.

3. How many adjustments will I need?

The number of adjustments varies with each patient and their individual health goals. Many patients sense some progress within a week or two of frequent visits. Visits are less often as your spine stabilizes. In difficult cases, complete healing can take months or even years.

4. Can I adjust myself?

No. Some people can make their joints "pop" but that's not an adjustment. Adjustments are precise and take years to master. Even Dr. Guerreso must consult a colleague to benefit from chiropractic care.

5. What does an adjustment feel like?

Most patients report a sense of relief, well-being or a feeling of calmness. Since repeated adjustments are necessary to restore the body back to optimal function, if adjustments didn't feel good and were not effective, patients would not return to finish their care.

6. Can patients with osteoporosis get spinal adjustments?

Yes. When developing a care plan, Dr. Guerreso considers the unique circumstances of each patient. There are many ways to adjust the spine. The method selected will be best suited to your age, conditions, size and spinal problems.

7. Isn't some back pain normal?

Pain of any kind, at any age, is a sign that something is wrong. Pain is the way your body signals that a limit has been reached or a problem has developed. Since we can adapt, minor aches and pains are often shrugged off. While they may go away, if the underlying problem remains unattended, the problem can slowly worsen until it becomes more difficult and expensive to resolve.

8. Can I have an adjustment after back surgery?

Yes. Rest assured that we would avoid the surgically modified areas of your spine. However, surgery may produce compensation reactions either above or below the involved level. If necessary, these other areas will be the focus of your chiropractic care.

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